“You, Us, Them” my book for the nonprofit sector


This is my second book, this time self-published, the only book on the market  exclusively for nonprofit professionals, urging them to reconsider their LinkedIn brand marketing.  

From the back cover:

You: seeing themselves as individuals with career stories to tell,

Us: managing the organizational brand as a whole consistent with each individual’s brand marketing and vice-versa, and

Them: ensuring the public of volunteers, donors, pro bono consultants, vendors, potential board members and corporate sponsors sees the organization in the best light to offer their time, expertise, energy and funding.

Are the three incompatible? Not if you work on LinkedIn using the concepts I show you.

Cohesive? Certainly. This will take work, but it is attainable. Feed and cultivate it continually.

Collaborative? Ah, the best of all worlds, all three rowing the boat in the same direction.

Available on Amazon in either paper at $19.95 or Kindle ebook at $3.49.

A perfect gift for a nonprofit employee, or those who love them enough to offer tire time, expertise and money!