Upcoming Events

As we book more speaking events, webinars, and virtual classes, please come back to this page, often, to find one or more that you can use to advance your LinkedIn experience and work in your schedule. At each event, I will have copies of my book available for you to take me home with you!

  • on-going: in my 9th year offering a LinkedIn training series for underemployed baby boomers at Career>Connect at Westchester Jewish Community Services, North White Plains, NY


  • 03May18 private training for HR benefits firm’s sales staff in Worcester, Massachusetts.
  • 07May18 release of a podcast I did with Criteria for Success about sales pros using LinkedIn best practices. 
  • 10May18 730pm free talk at Mark Twain Library, 439 Redding Rd, West Redding, CT. Register at https://bit.ly/2y9kdNl
  • 24May18: part 3 of my podcast interview with Bruce Hurwitz will air. Part 1: 11/13/17 (); part 2 22Feb18 (). Listen in and learn how to really use LinkedIn.  
  • 29May18 airing of my interview on http://presenterspodcast.com: speakers speaking to other speakers. 
  • 14Jun18 private 3 hour training for commercial litigation law firm partners
  • 05Jun18 I will serve on a panel discussion ““Leverage LinkedIn for Your Career” at the CFA Society in NYC. More details later.
  • 07Jun18 lunch presentation to Association of Fundraising Professionals Fairfield County chapter, at the Norwalk (CT) Inn. More details to follow.
  • 21Sep18 copresenting “LinkedIn Branding for Entrepreneurs” at Stamford Innovation Week

MORE COMING…check back later as I add more sessions for you to learn how to REALLY use LinkedIn!


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