My weekdaily blog “LinkedIn Nuggets”

LinkedIn needs to be fed and nurtured constantly

Like all habits that are hard to break, this one is a good one, getting better–it’s the urge to write, for me in the morning, the time I am most creative and fresh.

I guess I could have worse habits or addictions, and this one in particular, is one that came about after decades of loathing the start of writing even an email. Now writing is a pleasure.

No formal education helped me. In fact it hindered me from expressing myself, in complete and sometimes incomplete sentences. I was not taught to talk about myself or extend my thoughts to others. In fact, the opposite. {Incomplete sentence.}

Yet as I reread a chapter or two of my book or a past article I had published in major news outlets or an installment on my blog, I am pleased that I can convey my exuberance and energy in what I do.

My writing has been called many things: honest, direct, corny, and even fun.

A LinkedIn expert and reader of my blog 18 time zones away messaged me:

The one thing that has been consistent about 2020 has been the value you share with your connections and recipients of your emails, Marc. It is a great way to start the day for me as your messages arrive overnight (I’m in NZ).

I am glad to provide new direction and some ideas to other pros to make them improve themselves for others to see. It’s something that’s in me and won’t go away. Unless you “unsubscribe” from me. If you do, you are always welcome back.

That’s why I started posting weekdaily nuggets to feed you ideas and updates on the latest improvements that will make your LinkedIn experience richer.

I gather the inspiration for these postings from clients and attendees at my speaking engagements. If they want to know, I am sure you want to know as well.

Check the archives to the right and find the latest postings.

Your comments are most welcome.

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