I speak about Microsoft Buying LinkedIn; India, LinkedIn’s 2nd Largest User Base; 2 stage verification for LinkedIn security

In my third broadcast about LinkedIn and to educate her Indian expat and in-country viewers via her global TV show, Gurmeet Sodhi interviewed me in her studio and this 30 minute segment was broadcast that evening.

I cover my vision for the LinkedIn-Microsoft combination, speak about India being the second-largest country location for LinkedIn members, and describe why you must (!) secure your LinkedIn sign-in routine with a strong password and two-stage verification. Click to watch.


My comments on Hillary Clinton’s use of LinkedIn start at 3min 50sec December 16, 2015 on TV 84 Broadcasting

TV 84 Broadcasting is watched by expat Punjabis all over the world, covering cultural and religious news for their community. You can hear my comments on the recent debate and on Hillary Clinton’s use of LinkedIn starting at 3 minutes 50 seconds; it’s my second guest spot on Indian broadcasting.

84News # 2

Hey did you know that India is LinkedIn’s second largest country market, after the USA?Click to watch (and skip to 3 minutes 50 seconds) https://youtu.be/D-RHZAf0LdY

My interview on Indian TV June 25, 2015 on PTC TV, the leading Punjabi News channel (https://youtu.be/A8bowxMHACc)

Gurmeet K. Sodhi interviewed me about the LinkedIn profiles of the US
Presidential hopefuls on PTC News Punjabi TV, broadcast worldwide to Indian audiences. Click to watch.