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You can hear me, and/or I will be mentioned, on the popular WCBS-Bloomberg Small Business Update Report on WCBS Newsradio 880 NYC with Joe Connolly by clicking these links:

  • I relate my observations on the new LinkedIn desktop user interface and some general rules of thumb to observe on LinkedIn http://bit.ly/2oXarK7 (open the MP3 file broadcast on February 14th).
  • I beat the connect2collaborate drum again: be sure to tell why you do what you do-differentiate yourself and show your own personality to be noticed on LinkedIn. http://bit.ly/1Oc7fzm
  • I suggest you ask a viewer of your LinkedIn profile who might hold promise of new business opportunities for you both: “how can I help you?” professionally. http://bit.ly/1QeIr7A (at the 1 min 30 sec mark)
  • I raise a professional ruckus as a way of standing out and telling how I think things should be, by making my values known. I suggest you find a way to do this too. This broadcast follows along with a LinkedIn Post I wrote. http://bit.ly/1LfkMV4
  • Same as LinkedIn is branching into new subcategories as a reach-out to students, veterans, nonprofits, etc, I suggest you expand into new niches; this makes you further stand out when you show how and why you do what you do. http://bit.ly/1Qk6Mc1
  • Get others to pay attention to your thoughts on LinkedIn and ideas rather than blend into the noise, as I discuss this with Alice March and we laugh through a really enjoyable interview on her podcast in October 2019. http://bit.ly/2WlqZss.
  • “Ask Me Anything” is a Q&A format I enjoy holding with my public audiences, this one had the theme LinkedIn for babyboomers and other encore career seekers at The NY Public Library, streamed in October 2019. http://bit.ly/2Ju8kFX 



Ways Attorneys Can Best Utilize LinkedIn, a podcast by The Legal Marketing Studio

Michael N. Meyer interviewed 16May2016 me for 38 minutes in his biweekly podcast series examining best in class examples of branding, strategy, content and technology in legal marketing. I cover how lawyers (and transferable to other professional practitioners, of course!) can get the most out of LinkedIn and how firms can support their attorneys’ use of the social media site. It’s short and full of useful ideas. http://legalmarketing.studio/marc-halpert-of-connect2collaborate-discusses-linkedin-for-attorneys/ 



LinkedIn for Professionals, a podcast by Hurwitz Strategic Staffing

On 13Nov16 it was my pleasure to spend a half hour with Bruce Hurwitz of Hurwitz Strategic Staffing Limited on his podcast. We spoke about LinkedIn (of course) so tune in to https://t.co/Qeq5NlPmAB and pick up a few pointers.

Bruce was kind enough to extend two invitations to podcast about my books, once on 22Feb18 and the other 12Jun18


LinkedIn for Sales Professionals, a podcast by Criteria for Success

In May 2018 my colleague Rebecca Smith at Criteria for Success will air an hourlong podcast we recorded in October 2017 on best practices using LinkedIn for sales. Pick up a few pointers that can translate into superlative sales and an “amazing-er” personal brand marketing. The podcast can be heard at this link


LinkedIn Marketing for Nonprofits, a podcast with Tony Martignetti on Nonprofit Radio

In July 2018 I sat with the irrepressible Tony Martin\gnetti to record a podcast review of my book and tips that readers can focus on. The podcast recording can be found here.


I appreciate the response from my readers and listeners, as the case may be, and that I am able to help them stand out with a strong brand to achieve their goals.

For more personalized help, never hesitate to contact me at marchalpert@connect2collaborate.com.


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