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This week (14Sep15) you can hear me, and I will be mentioned, on the popular WCBS-Bloomberg Small Business Update Report on WCBS Newsradio 880 NYC with Joe Connolly by clicking these links:

  • I beat the connect2collaborate drum again: be sure to tell why you do what you do-differentiate yourself and show your own personality to be noticed on LinkedIn.
  • I suggest you ask a viewer of your LinkedIn profile who might hold promise of new business opportunities for you both: “how can I help you?” professionally. (at the 1 min 30 sec mark)
  • I raise a professional ruckus as a way of standing out and telling how I think things should be, by making my values known. I suggest you find a way to do this too. This broadcast follows along with a LinkedIn Post I wrote.
  • Same as LinkedIn is branching into new subcategories as a reach-out to students, veterans, nonprofits, etc, I suggest you expand into new niches; this makes you further stand out when you show how and why you do what you do.

I appreciate the response from my readers and listeners, as the case may be, and that I am able to help them stand out with a strong brand to achieve their goals.

For more personalized help, never hesitate to contact me at



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