My book in paper and ebook formats: “LinkedIn Marketing Techniques for Law and Professional Practices”

LinkedInMktngStrtgs_COVERHundreds of millions of businesspeople use LinkedIn daily, not only to forge connections and nurture relationships, but also to search, assess, and choose reliable professionals. Understanding how best to use LinkedIn will give you an edge in tapping LinkedIn’s remarkable power to promote and connect your expertise.

LinkedIn™ Marketing Techniques will help you express why you do what you do, leading clients to understand that you are the professional they need.

This new reference guide, based on actual experiences, covers each section of the LinkedIn biography page, and is broken into short segments to maximize accessibility and learning. It offers clear guidance, based on proven methods, to make each section work to greatest effect, while also providing long-term marketing techniques and personal “branding” concepts. It teaches you the essential skill of developing a distinctive brand within your LinkedIn profile; and adds a special focus, for attorneys and other professionals, on ethics and industry compliance guidelines.

And it makes a great gift to someone you admire…

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