Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Why samples only?

Atissues2 large warehouse chain hands out samples routinely. I know. I sample often.

Obviously, the intent is to entice you to buy the product once you savor a “taste.”

Yesterday samples of pocket-sized tissue packets were handed out. That exact product happened to be on our shopping list, but to be purchased elsewhere, as we had never seen them sold at the warehouse store.

When asked on what aisle we could find them for sale, the sample attendant stated, tissues aren’t sold here in this size. They are sold in regular tissue-box size only.

Hmmm. “Please take one. But we don’t sell these.” A disconnect in my mind: why bother producing pocket-sized samples in the first place when you make me go elsewhere to purchase the same?

So…the LinkedIn windup…on your personal LinkedIn profile, entice the reader all the way from the top banner, to your headshot, to your headline, and allow the reader the same experience following along on the rest of your profile (summary, experience, and beyond) with the same quality that you used to entice them in the first place.

Don’t start out strong and appealing only to let the reader down. Don’t promise something¬† you can’t deliver. Be well-packaged, right-sized, and available for the proper need.¬†

Otherwise they shop elsewhere.