Today's LinkedIn Nugget

Be emblematic on #LinkedIn


When people think of the field you are in, the business you operate, the product or service you offer, you want them to think of you first. Your name, face and logo should pop into their head. If asked whom they would refer, you want to be the one thought of immediately, and hopefully the only one suggested for the need at hand.

You want to be emblematic, as the definition suggests, symbolic of the trait(s) that is/are needed.

How?¬†Here are a few (of many) ways to “ping” on metal radar screens often, valued and admired.

By doing some, or all, of these, you are more top-of-mind:

  • Congratulate them for a job well done or work anniversary with thoughtfully chosen words of applause.
  • Share their comments and updates with your own commentary and thank them, personally for all to see, for offering the material,¬†with an @ sign before their name.
  • Introduce them to others without being asked and identify areas of common ground so the referral is more meaningful.
  • Endorse them for the skills they list, but for only those you have first-hand experience witnessing or utilizing.
  • And finally, a favorite: recommend them on LinkedIn for a job well done citing an anecdoy\te to yeoman work, without their asking for it–you WILL be remembered that way for sure!

Be emblematic for being a great colleague,a great resource, for excellent work.

It’s easy and takes little time. The dividends pay off in heaps.