A Project to Project on #LinkedIn

soarOK, play on words. (You know me!)

Wednesday I posted a new book I am working on, appearing in the Project section of my LinkedIn profile.

It’s the second in what may become a series of books aimed at specific audiences, subsets of professionals who offer intellectual services.

This time the title is “You, Us, Them: LinkedInTM Marketing Concepts for Nonprofit Professionals.”

And from the Project section I posted yesterday:


You, Us, Them: LinkedIn Marketing Concepts for Nonprofit Professionals

You, Us, Them: LinkedIn Marketing Concepts for Nonprofit Professionals

Jul 2017 – Present

Project description

I have never seen a LinkedIn marketing techniques book aimed just at nonprofit professionals, so I want to be the one to write it.

“You, Us, Them” is about how smart use of LinkedIn can help you as an individual look amazing-er, as I call it, expand and enhance visibility of your organization’s mission and funding, and attract the third parties that make you and your organization succeed.

Fresh from completing my first book published in June 2017, I am self-publishing this second book and expect it to be available in January 2018.

Stay tuned as I may be asking my nonprofit colleagues for anecdotes and success stories!

Shameless self-advertisement in a blog? Perhaps.

But not on your LinkedIn profile.

The purpose here is to cajole you to tell us what you are working on.

These can be strategic plans, books, chapters in books, anything you have on your plate that will take some time.

Tell us at the inception and then tell us when it has been competed and published or delivered.

Timelines of your higher level projects are important to followers and connections who think highly of you.

They root you on and cheer at the finish line.



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LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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