from guest blogger Dina Eisenberg: Become a Reality Star Thanks to #LinkedIn

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Note: Last month I was flattered to be asked to guest blog on Dina Eisenberg’s “Outsource Easier” blog. Her exuberance and warmth flowed throughout the process and I had to ask her to reciprocate on my blog! I know collaborating with her in the future to help attorneys improve productivity and the expertise to run their firm like a business will be a recurring (fun) experience for me, and for you! Thanks Dina, for this LinkedIn story:


LinkedIn can help you connect with influencers and grow your business but did you know your LinkedIn profile could make you a reality star?

It’s true.  Your profile on LinkedIn can open a new world of media possibilities.  My expertise is in conflict management and I’ve been a mediator for almost twenty years.  At one point, I was working with brides and their families around the myriad of negotiations, both personal and vendor, that accompany the big day.

Remember when wedding shows were all the rage on TV? Shows like Say Yes to the Dress were hugely popular.  Showrunners follow trends and because there were so many positive shows already, there was an interest in portraying some of the drama around weddings,too. That’s why they wanted a mediator.

When I updated my profile to add wedding mediator to the summary, I was hoping to attract new brides as  clients.  I attracted showrunners.  A showrunner is the person who has overall creative authority and management for a TV project.  Not one, but two, showrunners contacted me after reviewing my profile.

Media and public relations people like showrunners also use LinkedIn to find talent for their shows. I was found by a simple keyword search for ‘wedding’ and ‘mediator.  Although the showrunner went with different talent, I’m grateful for the opportunity to share my brand with the media.  You never know when it will lead to something else.

How can you increase your visibility and opportunities to be on TV or other media? Make sure your profile is clear, describes how you help and includes unique keywords that a showrunner or podcaster might search for.  Add any interviews or podcasts to your media area as examples of how you look and sound.

Before you know it, you’ll be ready for your close up.

dinaeisenbergheadshotDina Lynch Eisenberg JD, known as the Legal Operations Architect, helps overworked lawyers to automate, delegate and create a law practice that runs itself.

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