After your fireworks have fizzled…

fadingfireworks…and the excitement about your big announcement has faded, you can, and should, repurpose your exciting news for later use..

Let’s say you have something exciting to share with your professional connections on LinkedIn.

You publish an update on your Home Page. That’s what you should do.

But then the next day it’s all but gone, as the rest of the updates sent from your colleagues have piled up on top of yours.

Yes, it’s appeared on your connections’ Home Pages too, but the same thing happened to them: it’s buried.

How do you memorialize this special event so it is prominent on your organic personal LinkedIn profile?

The answer is contingent on what you are announcing:

  1. place the new article or book you wrote in your Publications section with a brief (!) description of what was published and the URL to link the reader to see it.
  2. add the newly elected officer title at the nonprofit you love to your Volunteer Experience section and tell us why this nonprofit is important to you and how your skill set is being put to good use there.
  3. amend your current job in your Experience section to show your new position or new employer and tell us how you are adding value there, and be sure to connect the employer’s company profile page to your new position.
  4. and if your update contains are article that you want to share and you think that’s it’s worthy of a long-form essay in a LinkedIn Post that you explore its meaning and importance with your followers and connections, do so! Ask them to share with their networks and watch the Post go around the world!
  5. finally, if you have some older material that you shared on LinkedIn earlier to a good reception form your connections and/or suddenly it has new relevance, share it again with your comments about why it has renewed appeal. Then a few days/week later, start by using ideas 1 to 4 above to make it sparkle again and again when the time is right.

I am amazed at how easy this seems to forget to do.  You earned it, so show it.

Stay vibrant and ping on mental radar screens as a thought leader and memorable colleague.

Keep it popping!


About connect2collaborate

LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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