Cue the “pensive music”

cueLast weekend we saw a film and since it was presented in a public library, they showed it with closed captions of the dialog.

Most movies show 3 musical notes when the music is played between scenes, for lack of dialog. This one gave editorial tags to the type of music: sad music, happy music, pensive music. The last one was the type of music that is inserted in a more dramatic scene that intends the viewer to think about what just happened, and what might. Symphonic or complex music is deemed “pensive.” Pensive music made me think. Made me anticipate the next scene.

Does your reader hear pensive music in their head as they read your LinkedIn profile? I hope so.

They need to hear a symphony of your skills, experience, recommendations and personal narrative in what you present to them. If not, you had better get consult your inner maestro.


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LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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2 Responses to Cue the “pensive music”

  1. Good one, Marc.

    Congratulations on the book!!


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