Today's LinkedIn Nugget

#LinkedIn’s “share a profile edit” switch

confused2Don’t be confusing to your connections. It’s happened to you too-your connections may bombard you with a series of profile changes, one at a time messages, that make you want to scream. Or you wonder what’s wrong with them.

Don’t confuse them so you receive congratulatory messages that you changed your job, when all you did was fix a typo or add a new detail to your present job.

Do use the “sharing a profile edits” switch properly. Here’s how:

sharing a profile edit button.pdf

Now you know where to find it (kinda difficult!) and how to use it best (kinda easy!).

It’s a good idea to keep your connections up to speed on the latest changes in your career by updating your profile, when needed, and in doing so, make LinkedIn work well for you.

You are in charge of your brand.


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