Profile strength on @LinkedIn: caveat connector

Beware how strong your profile seems to be on LinkedIn.

profielstrength_LIThe poorest-written sections including your Education, Experience (position), any old headshot, choose a geographic location, select an industry and some words in the Intro (aka Summary) will make you seem like an All-Star. All you have to do is have something (anything) in those sections.

So it seems to me that the lazy person would place the minimum to get by in these sections and still be perceived as an All-Star. LinkedIn lets that happen, unfortunately.


You must take the time and effort to place quality material that tells the casual hurried reader why you, explained well in each of these sections, and more places (other sections too)!

You cannot be too short or terse and leave the reader with an uneven and skeptical feeling about you. Too many LinkedIn profiles I see skimp: a quickie copy-paste from a resume.

Don’t do that.

Be a star in each section of LinkedIn. Those accumulated stars will make you an All-Star. 

And it will cause the casual reader to give you more than just a fleeting chance to explain your brand. That’s important to you, right?


About connect2collaborate

LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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