@LinkedInHelp did just that

Read from the top down:


The back story:

I made a comment in my remarks about LinkedIn at the recent Avvo Lawyernomics conference that some bar associations require attorneys to retain their social media material for a year.

This was news to many attending my talk, and one tweeted to the conference app the next day with a query about how to best do this, an area I did not touch on with limited time to speak in my session.

As you can see, I directed him to the LinkedIn Help Center. (Normally I would provide the link to the actual answer, but I was sneaking in my last tweet in a plane and we had just been asked to turn our smartphones off for the flight.)

Without the access to the Internet until I landed, I was pleasantly surprised to see LinkedIn had taken the lead and provided the link for him while I was aloft.

I guess they watch for mentions of the words LinkedIn and Help Center. I guess they like to help. Much appreciated, @LinkedInHelp.

To see how LinkedIn’s robust Help Center can answer your questions, go to https://www.linkedin.com/help/linkedin?trk=neptune_help.

I would not expect them to tweet replies to your individual needs as was the case above, but the pre-published, searchable body of knowledge on Help Center is deep and they are quite responsive to trying to answer an escalated question that is not readily answered in their regular materials, all within the LinkedIn platform.

I can’t make this stuff up, folks!


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