#LinkedIn: no longer the Maserati of business social media?

Change is inevitable. Even on the best social medium for business people. The Maserati of its class.

But change for the sake of change to make what worked fairly well and only needed tweaks on LinkedIn has became a wholesale rework of the look, and especially annoying is the complete excision of several oldie but goodie sections: Personal Details, Advice for Contacting {me}, a dilution of the most useful multiple variable search function, and some subsections and functions were also eliminated: Tags, Notes, and other info you could keep on a connection for your eyes only.

The reason these went away? Lack of use, LinkedIn says. If so, let the rest of us keep using them. Let the rest not load them.

Consider the Maserati commercial that awakened me last night: revving the big engine to race down the salt flat advertised at a starting price of $84K, I tune out what doesn’t apply to me. 

But I take exception to removal of basic and useful services that I came to rely on for my business social media networking, and employed effectively and taught others to do as well. 

In some cases, if you complain to LinkedIn, they will listen and bring back some of the services you and so many others want back.

I recall the time years ago they eliminated Events, and I missed it terribly, but somehow I adapted. I imagine we will all adapt to the recent changes last month, but perhaps you want to go to the help Center and express your opinions about these changes, otherwise they don’t know your POV.

Now as I return to my 7 year old Hyundai, I will rev it up to 35 MPH and imagine I am in that Maserati…

About connect2collaborate

LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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