Today's LinkedIn Nugget

#LinkedIn’s new “selfie-headshot” in an app

selfA new self-service on LinkedIn: take and filter your own headshot.

It’s designed for those who do not want to go the more formal, and yes, it costs money to engage a professional photographer, but now you can do it yourself all on your smartphone.

Details here.

Is it a good idea? Perhaps for a first-time LinkedIn user, a student, new entry to the hiring market (and I do hesitate to say that)  or someone poking around social media for the firat time. But not for very long, please.

(I will wait until one of you lets me know how really good the headshot ends up looking vs. a professional’s work.)

I still believe professionals should hire other professionals to look as professional as possible to enhance their brand.  Do you cut your own hair? Drill your own teeth?

From my upcoming (middle of this year!) book, “LinkedIn Marketing for Law and Professional Practices: Techniques that Work:”

Your brand depends on a hi-resolution photo that makes you look professional, approachable, recognizable, and friendly.

Find a professional photographer who specializes in photos of business professionals, look at his or her online portfolio, admire the best, co-opt the style you want to convey in your headshot, and venture into the “shoot” with the mindset it is an investment in your self-branding. The results can be useful in many circumstances that you may not even foresee today: a brochure, a website, publicity for upcoming speaking engagements, and even, as I found, on a book cover!