Saving money on #LinkedIn

credit-cardsWhile attending a live session given by David Pogue, irrepressibly excellent presenter of tech and (in this case) financial ideas, I was reminded of an all-too-common situation that LinkedIn service subscribers face.

He showed a slide of recurring charges which included a monthly LinkedIn premium subscription.(Also, don’t forget you can also subscribe to LinkedIn Learning, formerly

“Aha,” I thought, “I wonder how many other people pay monthly for a subscription but do not recall it, really don’t use this and could sever the subscription without losing any real functionality on LinkedIn?”

Did you forget you subscribed and your credit card is being continuously charged, BUT you don’t use LinkedIn for that any more?

His suggestion was use a website that allows you to monitor recurring charges to your credit card (like Trim; more on this from the Yahoo Tech channel).

Why pay for something you don’t use?

Here’s how to end that LinkedIn subscription. You can always add it back, later on, when you really need it, and go month-to-month and let Trim remind you…

You can thank me for saving you money and we can both thank him for his idea…



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