What I learned on my roof

magiccarpetI had some minor work to do on my roof today.

One of the liberties of working for oneself is to take time off intermittently and take care of things that have to be done, rather than cramming them all into the weekend.

The weather had to be just right: temperature, humidity and no rain for 24 hours. I had to blow all the leaves off so I could do the chore. Today was that day.

As I got up there and began to acclimate, I noticed the neighborhood looks different from so far up. I saw some new things I had not earlier noticed. No real surprise, but a different, higher elevation POV made my surroundings look different, smaller. You get the same feeling when you Google map your house and see it from a satellite perspective.

So I was thinking while I was working up there: I had best take a paper copy of my LinkedIn profile as a Word document and read it out loud to myself, instead of eyeballing it from my computer screen. {BTW it’s always a good idea to have a paper copy handy JIC you lose some well crafted narrative when the new LinkedIn user interface comes out…} You will see changes that you will want to make, I assure you.

From that printout I noticed some areas I could tighten up, amend, freshen and improve. I fixed one typo (yikes!).

Good work gets revised with regularity. An effective LinkedIn personal profile should reflect the “latest and greatest” in the changes you are undergoing, subtly and not so subtly. In past blog posts I have mentioned “The Start Up of You” as a website and book to subscribe to, and read, respectively, and thus enact its teaching in your professional branding.

So climb up and outward and look at your brand from a new perspective. You will share the casual reader’s impression of you. You may just want to make some cosmetic (or more) changes.


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