#LinkedIn Group therapy

regroupsGroups are silos of people who share the same interests as you.

LinkedIn Groups are the same concept but composed of business professionals from whom they seek knowledge and ideas to further their own goals. Some groups my recent real estate client participated in are illustrated above.

A question was raised in a Group I participate in.This arrived on my radar screen via email as well as on my LinkedIn home page. Notice how the question is open-ended (bold faced question at the end) so as to acquire more meaningful responses (smart move!):

Hi I am new to this group and wondered if any of my fellow members had any tips to share on how to us long posts on Linked In to generate business. At the moment I blog (fairly) regularly on my website, then paste it in to Linked In and then tweet about it. I always blog about my areas of expertise – mostly communication skills training – but never now how to judge success. Any thoughts out there?

Among other Groupmembers’ replies, mine was:

Repurpose older blog posts that resonated with your blog audience and use them in new Posts. Then add an update to your profile to check out your latest Post (and include the blog’s URL) as another reference point to the good work you do. That’s always worked for me.

That was helpful to the woman asking the question and she thanked me.

That made me feel I made a difference, a good thing. I added to the personal learning network we all share.

Feel free to peruse the conversations in the LinkedIn Groups you belong to. Don’t be a wall-flower. Get involved in the Q&A in Groups only when you can add value. Be sure you are helping and converse with other biz pros.

It’s ok to ask for help too.



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