The #LinkedIn world is full of experts

gullsOn a recent road trip we came across 2 highly specialized shops:

One that only carried wall clocks in the shape of dogs and cats whose plastic tails wag to keep the clock working. Time indeed to get a grip!

The other a shop that only sold ukuleles. Strum on that for a moment.

We did not stop in. Neither is our interest.Nor on our radar. But the point is, I noticed and some people out there are expert enough to sell highly specialized items or services to others hungry enough to consider, and to buy, these items. Buyers and sellers converge over a shared interest. Both are then enriched.

LinkedIn is such a marketplace for business professionals of all walks in life, in all industries, and sharing all sorts of expertise, products and services. They converse one-to-one, in Groups, express personal observations in Posts, share valuable material and selflessly make connections to further nurture others’ relationships.

Play it for what it can be, not as a job board as is commonly assumed, rather, LinkedIn’s potential and scope are limited only by time ticking away and your imagination.

The global marketplace needs to know why you do what you do to make you stand out from the other wagging dog and cat clock retailers in the crowd, or to make your self-branding value proposition more harmonious as the best ukulele seller in the global business symphony.


About connect2collaborate

LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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One Response to The #LinkedIn world is full of experts

  1. Bernabeu, Shawn says:

    Good note today!

    Shawn Bernabeu
    Office 212.338.2364
    Cell 732.715.3977

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