Eyes off the road for #boomers

retirementjobs-comMaybe I should have kept my eyes completely on the road, but during a drive to Boston this past weekend, I happened to notice a sign whiz past me on a building, showing the location of the offices of RetirementJobs.com.

I just looked at their website and was intrigued, especially by their certified age-friendly employer program.  It’s a great idea, especially when I hear the tales of overt age discrimination that my students face. Since I have no track record with them (and cannot recommend them yet), I like the concept and woud be interested in their success rates.

I just emailed them to inquire about offering LinkedIn for underemployed boomers webinar classes. My three-part series that I’ve taught “live” in classrooms in Westchester County, NY would be ideally repurposed.

Seems they can use some LinkedIn pointers too as there is no mention of LinkedIn anywhere on their website.

I’ll let you know if they nibble. But have a look, if you dare to take your eyes off the routine, established path to finding a job when you are post-50 years old.


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