Takeaways from the #LinkedIn chief

oprah_and_weinerCEO of LinkedIn Jeff Weiner was a guest on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday last week. In a 45 minute interview, he told a lot about his personal philosophies. Both seemed to enjoy the repartee like friends chatting around a fireside.

I especially enjoyed 3 points he made in his comments; you will want to use these takeaways in re-evaluating how you portray yourself to the reader of your respective LinkedIn profiles branding yourself and your company:

Point A: Demonstrate “I am the type of person you want to work with because:

  1. I dream big,
  2. I get stuff done,
  3. I know how to have fun.”

Point B: Tell “I believe…”

Point C: Talk about “I am most proud of…”

You can’t go wrong doing this if you are sincere and intelligible.

Get started!


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