75 attorneys walk into a room…

And agree on one thing.

nyclaDid you think this is the start to a lawyer joke?

Not really.

It was the situation yesterday when I spoke to a bar association and they agreed to learn more about that one thing: LinkedIn. (I am being introduced above.)

The feeling could not be more palpable. I was asked to cover ways to make LinkedIn work more effectively, yet ethically, for the assembled.

If you do not know already, attorneys face self-imposed (by the bar associations) regulation and ethics rules to govern their advertisement in print and electronic media. LinkedIn included.

My presentation was designed to give them self-branding and -marketing techniques, since they did not learn this in law school. And it’s rarely taught there even today!

The ethics portion is well covered in the bar association’s online material, so no need to go in depth and eclipse their work on the topic. My role: to accentuate that effective usage of LinkedIn falls into the same rules.

What pleased me were the questions. I have had all sorts of Q&A in law firms and bar association sessions before, surrounding everything from the way to attribute others’ material you share on LinkedIn to what-ifs that come from real life. As if I am a lawyer…but I am expected to have a cogent and ethical answer to their questions, so I handle the questions with the best quality I know. Their questions were quite far-reaching and insightful. I felt my points were made and that this session will help them along. Of course, after just 1 hour’s session, they still need to buy my upcoming book…

…Coming soon to a computer screen order form near you, and not just aimed at lawyers…the book will address marketing techniques for all professional practices and entrepreneurs. Stay tuned.


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LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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