Playing to the audience on #LinkedIn

audience1A colleague asked me to take a quick glance at his profile since he is in transition. Since we were already connected, I reviewed his personal profile (you know the difference between personal and public profiles, right?).

I noticed some spacing errors in his Experience section that he could not see. So I suggested he look at the same screen I was looking at, not by sharing screens with a third-party app, but by his looking on LinkedIn to see what his personal connections see on his profile (in this case what I see on his profile).


Using my personal profile for you to get this process down, as an example, I searched for my name and opened my profile. Using this as a proxy, I asked him to do the same on his computer and this is similar to what he saw of his profile (only with his information):


Click the blue “View profile as” button (not the downward pointing arrow). You see on the next screen:


In the top section above your name (I added the red outline for emphasis), superimposed over your top banner if you have one, by toggling the drop-down box between what your connections see and what the public sees, you can catch spacing errors and other errors on your LinkedIn Profile before others tell you about them, (many will not and move on, a lost opportunity).

This was quite eye-opening to him and he fixed the spacing errors that were invisible to him before knowing this technique. Now you know too.


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LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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