#India on #LinkedIn

indiaI have had the good fortune of speaking to expat and resident Indian business pros about LinkedIn twice, both times on the cable TV channels that speak and connect their communities globally.

I always knew that India is LinkedIn’s second largest member country, after the USA. The other day I came across another stat in an article announcing the new office LinkedIn opened in Bangalore, and it mentioned something that made me stop and think: 10% of all LinkedIn subscribers are Indian, that’s 10% x 433 million!

LinkedIn’s About Us page lists Indian subscribers as 35+ million, so no matter who is right and who is wrong, (and what’s 7 million among friends?). the numbers are staggering. That’s more in India than in the Brazil (25+ million), UK (20+ million), or China (20+ million).globallinkedin

I have always been fascinated with India, tho have never been there.

Watch those Indian numbers climb with the proliferation of internet access and more people owning computers, and I can help too. Perhaps someone in India is looking for a keynote speaker or needs a corporate group trainer for a few sessions there someday soon…




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One Response to #India on #LinkedIn

  1. Great article Marc. Yes, the numbers are amazing and after hearing first hand what India’s PM Modi has to say about growing India’s economy and how he plans to digitize India these numbers will be soaring in the very near future. I do hope you get to visit India soon and experience the culture….vibrancy….and try the delicious food. Look forward to our next interview soon.

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