Perhaps a human conversation?

ghost1One of the real pleasures of the New York Times is its Metropolitan Diary, grass-roots observations by real people about life, in the city, and beyond, in today’s world. This most recent installment particularly rang true.

If service is paramount in all we do as a brand to be referred to others for the same excellence, why is that sort of customer handling tolerable? If I have an issue at least give me a human. A well-trained one, please too.

If your client has an issue, don’t you want him or her to speak to you or an assistant at least, to handle them properly?

So it is with LinkedIn, as I have been commenting in past blog postings recently, make it easy and effective to get a hold of you. Don’t put an existing client or prospective on a  search and recovery mission to get a hold of you.

You know what happens next, right? You will not like the recording you hear.

If you hear anything at all ever again.


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