Competence and its implications on your #LinkedIn profile



Carrying forward from yesterday’s sermon on Character, let’s focus today on Competence.

This is your reputation, your street credentials, the impact you have on another person(s) you and your business are hired to help. Not just once, but seeking recurring work, building the empire.

You can go to school, earn degrees and still not be competent. Practice. Make it perfect.

Continue to develop and keep up with the latest aspects of your field. Become a thought leader,not a user. Learning, and LinkedIn (you knew this was coming!) are participant sports, not a spectator seat in a global stadium. You must carry the ball at all times to be active. That includes honing your skills even finer, and listing the right skills when you perfect them.

Asking questions of peers shows you are  not being afraid of appearing unknowledgable; rather, posing questions is good. You can be challenged by conventional procedures knowing there may be another smarter way to act, and may even lead to deeper understanding from new answers. In other words, raise a professional ruckus.

Draw conclusions from your past work to improve your current efforts. As I like to say, “they” can never take your experience away; you can only build on it. Being results-oriented is essential, as a means to a project success, not as a blind ambition.

Ask for critiques of your successful work. Ask for why you didn’t win the bid. Think within the responses and make every effort a better one that the previous. In short, learn from past mistakes and wins as well.

And the piece de resistance, it is very ok to talk about yourself as a success and a professional on your LinkedIn profile, in your own words, via facts with context, via anecdotes that richly portray your winning ways, using graphics and video to reinforce your written point, and finally, in a way that people will WANT to refer or contact you to get the job done for them well, and right the first time.

That my friends, is what competent people do. And why we are attracted to those who proved themselves in the heat of the battle.


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LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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