Help-we all need somebody

aroundWith apologies to The Beatles, we do need each other, as the song lyrics say. In social media, and LinkedIn in particular, we can have an effect on others with our actions. I know you work hard to have a positive professional influence on others on LinkedIn. I do too.  And it is repaid to me daily (if not more often):

  • It is very gratifying to receive a comment from a LinkedIn follower I do not know, perhaps halfway around the world, telling me one of my LinkedIn long form Posts was helpful and he was sending it to others.
  • Or a long time colleague sends me a message thanking me for that article I shared from my readings and we re-connect on the phone to catch up after a too-long period of time to compare successes and family news.
  • Or a member of one of my LinkedIn groups reaches out to thank me for answering her question as part of the conversation around that topic.
  • Or an “attaboy” for an article I published comes from  a senior LinkedIn manger and from that contact we formed a fast, collegial relationship around that topic over the past few weeks, commenting back and forth.
  • Or I get a call for LinkedIn coaching from someone who recalls a group training session I held 5 years ago. He’s been following my activity on LinkedIn and decided to reach me now at this very important point in his career.
  • Or I receive a LinkedIn recommendation out of the blue from a client, a lovely surprise, telling others how I really do the “why I do what I do.” Yes, it’s a two way street, so to speak.

What goes around comes around. I believe it because it happens to me. I spend the time and try to have an effect, make a difference. So I can help my colleagues.


About connect2collaborate

LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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One Response to Help-we all need somebody

  1. Corey Bearak says:

    Thanks for sharing several great ways LinkedIn works as a tool to develop and build professional relations.

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