Trust, earned, via #LinkedIn

trustSocial media, and LinkedIn, in particular, are predicated on trusting the connections we make, somewhat blindly sometimes, yes, but when we need to perform the right due diligence as the case dictates, we can easily start with LinkedIn.

Two examples of using LinkedIn to establish professional trust recently coursed through my professional life. Both are blog worthy (!)


In one case:

  • a client from 4 years ago, re-approached me to help her tune up her profile. A compliment, indeed.
  • icing on the proverbial cake: her spouse needs me for the proper LinkedIn profile he needs in his upcoming career change and
  • I will coach her college-age son as he embarks on his career.

I am pleased to be trusted as her family LinkedIn practitioner. I guess I earned my way. Pressure is on to provide the level of expertise they all expect. I am confident. They will get the usual 110% of me.

In the other case:

  • Interpersonal networking pays off, when I met a woman who was a guest of a respected colleague at a holiday party, and in the very deep conversation while there, wants to work with me in something pretty big and exciting (believe me, if I felt it appropriate to reveal it I would, and I hope to do so soon!). Ego aside, this could be huge. Or it could be a monumental flop if not handled right. {I will admit that while I was on my way to the bathroom at the party I made a few clicks on my iPhone and reviewed her LinkedIn profile quickly to further ascertain if I should continue to invest the time with her}

Trust is earned and can be quickly lost with a small misstep.

We work so hard to be professionals in all we do, and despite errors or human emotion, we buy with our eyes (your profile), hearts (best to say why you do what you do) and minds (all senses on overload).

More later as the second example progresses.


About connect2collaborate

LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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One Response to Trust, earned, via #LinkedIn

  1. Corey Bearak says:

    Good work begets trust.

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