CRM on #LinkedIn


Another back to basics nugget.

CRM, customer relationship management, is a huge help to remember things in the Notes subtab like spouse’s name, children’s names; in the How You Met subtab you can record where you met, how you met; LinkedIn will automatically record when you connected; and for people like me when a million to-do’s get thought about but only half make it to a paper list, a Reminder subtab to do something.

Steps: Find the connection’s name on LinkedIn and open their profile. You will see a tabbed box called Relationship and in it subtabs, such as Reminder, which I used above to  prod me to thank my colleague Gordon for today’s blog theme.

Choose the time frame you want: in a day, in a week, in a month or recurring in any of 6 frequencies.

The reminder comes to you in LinkedIn in your message box as well as on your email address associated with your LinkedIn membership. It’s not elegant or involved like any of the other CRMs out there but it works. Only I can see it. No one else including Gordon.

I like using this and I bet you will find it helpful too.

Oh I almost forgot, thank you Gordon.


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2 Responses to CRM on #LinkedIn

  1. Corey Bearak says:

    Something to check out. Thanks.

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