Spam via #LinkedIn

spamTo the senders of those spam messages I receive:

Just because I am active on LinkedIn, you do not have the right to Inmail or email me as a fellow group member and try to sell me something.

Or mention LinkedIn in the body of the message as an enticement for inclusion in a reduced price ticket to an upcoming event on the other side of the country on a topic I have no interest.

I am all for marketing but not at the expense of receiving one more spammy message.

I can barely stop the daily flow of the offers to grow some part of my body or meet mates from other countries or to lose weight or to learn a secret ingredient to make me live forever. C’mon, really!?!?

So using LinkedIn to send me unsolicited product or service offers is truly insulting. And reportable.

However, properly using LinkedIn to suggest we speak and explore opportunities comes as a privilege of your being referred by someone I trust, not as a cold message (like an electronic cold call on the phone). I will review your profile and decide accordingly.

So think before you offer something for nothing to me or any of my fellow 400+ million business professionals and act like a business professional.

You earn business. You do not blast millions of offers out and hope one sticks.



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LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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