“The best” should be portrayed on #LinkedIn

staronforeheadI just received this compliment on my 2 new videos:

This is the best online promotional video that I have seen. Kudos, Marc!


Well, it’s a team effort:

  • the very patient and talented video producer Alex Vachon,
  • me telling my story in a brief video bite, {and you can do this too!}
  • Sixth Avenue in NYC bustling all around me,
  • and now, validation from a colleague.

I knew I needed to lead with a video to anyone who inquires about my 2 LinkedIn services. I engaged Alex and we found the creative way to do so.

I think it is time for more people to use video to tell a story, on LinkedIn and elsewhere. Not because I did it, but because it is now very easily done with the right colleagues, with the right tools.

Click each graphic to start the video from my YouTube channel. Tell me if you like them.




About connect2collaborate

LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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One Response to “The best” should be portrayed on #LinkedIn

  1. Corey Bearak says:

    I really recommend videos for those who offer some form of training and advise. It helps where the prospects has not previously interacted with you. I post videos of events where I speak, or clients speak. I edit the longer ones into shorter topical segments.

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