coming: Google Hangout for a series of #LinkedIn sessions for #nonprofit folk

onlinechatI always like using new technologies to make presentations.

Many people I speak to are reticent to add new technologies to their LinkedIn profiles (in the Summary or Experience or Publications sections): slide decks, PDFs, podcasts, videos, and now (new for me) Google Hangouts.

I was asked to present a series of short sessions online using Google Hangouts. More friendly than a webinar. Shorter, more concise. Can be viewed by anyone with a google account (did I leave anyone out?)

It will be thoroughly tested ahead.

You should test your new technology foray too.

I have sat in on Hangouts but never offered one myself. I have seen too many presenters get tripped up by technologies that didn’t work well. (I hope I am not ruining my chances by tempting the trolls of technology!)

The slides are written and were sent to the host for approval. Headset ready. Test run soon.

I will announce later on once we have rehearsed.

Join me as I embark on yet another electronic medium to convey my message? (date and time TBA)…

About connect2collaborate

LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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3 Responses to coming: Google Hangout for a series of #LinkedIn sessions for #nonprofit folk

  1. Diane Prior says:

    I’m putting together a presentation as well that I’ve already done for my organization. I have to make changes for my individual professional use. I’ll be interested in seeing how yours goes. I’m also going to look into Google Hangouts. Thank you for sharing this information.

  2. Corey Bearak says:

    Marc, congrats on the opportunity. Looking forward to seeing you shine. Best. -Corey

  3. Norma Fogelberg says:

    You are always welcome to practice with me. We use Google Hangouts for one of my clients. It isn’t always smooth, the background and lighting is important, and the presenters need to polish up their presentation otherwise one look dark. The headset is another important item. Some individuals look like they work at NASA and it isn’t so cool.

    Happy to provide feedback if yo need it.

    Norma | LinkedI n

    mobile: 415-722-3274


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