Don’t send mixed messages on #LinkedIn

Consider the casual reader of your LinkedIn profile. Not much time. Makes an impression fast.

What will they think if you confuse him/her?

stopornotWhat if you make a change to the language in your current job in your Experience section but forgot to turn off notifications? Then it seems you have a new job and the congratulations (even though your connections are confused that you changed) start pouring in. Feeling silly? You look it…One quick change (temporarily turning off the notifications to your connections) could have prevented all the confusion. Here’s how.

What if you changed jobs but forgot to update your LinkedIn profile? The old business email box tied to your LinkedIn account starts rejecting messages to you, you are missing opportunities, and you are lost to your connections. Save face. Make a change as soon as it is official and let your connections know. Don’t leave your trusted colleagues in the dark.

Don’t send mixed confusing signals. Everything is a reflection on you, the brand.


About connect2collaborate

LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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