Make them salivate for an upcoming event…on #Linkedin

Do you want to optimize your attention by business professionals ahead of one of your upcoming event? That’s a good use for sharing news of your next event via LinkedIn updates:

news4In week 4 ahead of the event, tell them a little bit what’s coming: what the title of the talk is, where, and to save the date. Add a registration URL. Ask them to pass it along to other interested parties.

In week 3, go into more detail about the take-aways they will get and advise if a limited number of spots remain open for this event. Again, ask them to share it. Perhaps you want to tie in quotes from a previous session you gave as a reference.

In week 2, talk about how you are putting finishing touches on your PowerPoint deck and your excitement is building to make the presentation. Talk about how many have already registered-“what about you?” Ask to share.

In week 1 ahead, a couple of times, give a variety of observations why this is going to be a bang-up session. Add the registration URL for the fence-sitters. Ask to share.

Once that week, give a glimpse of a few points that you will be talking about and say you look forward to seeing them there. Add a URL with online driving directions if that makes sense for the venue, and parking ideas too.

A day or two after the event, post photos of you in action, (better: a video) and thank everyone, especially the host.Be sure to send out a PDF version of the slides so you reinforce the perception that you are the efficient and caring presenter you truly are.

Try it.

I wish you well.

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LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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