Old fashioned values in a newfangled world

Why is it that everything seemingly easy takes so much extra effort? Some recent examples:

  • You expect a household appliance that is reputed to be high quality to deliver that promise, only to find that a very minor 25-cent component makes it work poorly and after 2 tries, no one can fix it. The only recourse is to replace it outright, after numerous calls.
  • You purchase something online, the order is confirmed, emails start flying to tell you of its imminent delivery and magically, a few days later it’s no longer available. Pfft. And then they are “sorry.”

We can fly a 9 year old spacecraft just past Pluto, but can’t honor a commitment to the ultimate consumer. stepup

What does this tell about ourselves?

Well, my optimistic friends, I choose to step up past the rest, and operate my 3 B2B businesses in the new e-world as I personally would like to be handled.

Unfortunately not all my replies are what the recipient wants to hear. However, I explain the situation and try to find a resolution. Personally.

If it’s fixable, I do it. If it takes a vendor phone call, and I can add value on the call, I stay on the line with the client to get it done right. Not feed them to the wolves.

Believe me, in the tech world, this mentality relieves anxiety for clients who are busy enough as it is or lack the expertise to handle themselves.

I jump in willingly.

I guess don’t meet the description of a ruthless businessperson. I am proud of that.

Tagline: “We exceed expectations.”

I say that throughout my personal and company LinkedIn profiles. (You knew I had to mention the “L” word…) Do tell us how you step apart from the competition with a unique value proposition?

And do others who support you reinforce your claims; do you manage your LinkedIn Recommendations and Skills Endorsements?

It’s better when you see it from the POV of the other person…


About connect2collaborate

LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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