Another reason to keep your #Linkedin ID and password safe

Yesterday I related the story of a busy executive who gave his LinkedIn ID and PW to an assistant to connect to others, only to be placed on “invitation restriction” as too many invitees signaled they did not know the exec.

Here’s yet another reason to keep your profile ID and PW secret: I was asked the best way to retrieve a password that was given to an assistant who since left the company (and took the password).

computersecurity1LinkedIn has a procedure when this happens, but why let it happen at all?

At the worst case, I know of a story of a disgruntled ex-employee who made some rather disparaging revengeful comments on the former boss’s LinkedIn profile and that really caused some brand embarrassment.

Just like with your bank account and other personal assets, NEVER give the ID and PW to an employee to act on your behalf.

No matter how much you trust him/her. Just don’t.


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