Sorry I can’t take your call. Please call me back.

My wife reached someone’s business answering machine today and the above message was a surprise. Astounding, actually.

Expecting someone to remember to come back to you after you disappoint them the first time is self-delusional. Making yourself scarce will lead to further silence. No one these days spends any real amount of time to look at you once, much less twice.

You get less than a couple of seconds to make an impression. Taking this a step further…

IMG_0262Honesty time: Is your LinkedIn profile fascinating or dull?  

Would YOU contact YOU, from the looks of your LinkedIn profile?

C’mon, be honest.

Then, do you make it easy for the reader of your LinkedIn profile to get a meaningful impression of you, enough to contact you?

And to get a hold of you?  (How? Do you show your email address and phone number in the Contact Details section AND again in the Additional Information sections?)

And do you respond quickly with appreciation when they do?

I certainly hope so.


About connect2collaborate

LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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