Post it! on #LinkedIn

postsLII have a bit of experience with LinkedIn Posts: 43 so far.

A colleague asked my opinion on one of his recent Posts. His was a good one. No, make that a really, really good one.

Just long. And involved.

So here is what I sent back to him:

I worry that since people have time/attention deficits (we all suffer from this), many readers will only skim it or not fully absorb what you are offering.

You may think about a serialization over 2-3 weeks of subsequent material.

I find that if you Post it, it takes 2-3 weeks for it to circulate and that would help gain you more concurrent readers.

Ask for comments in the body of the Post too.

Here’s a good link with suggestions from LinkedIn itself:

So get your personal observations out and circulate them on LinkedIn Posts. Be professional and engaging.

Your audience? The world. Really.


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