@HillaryClinton: a series on #LinkedIn profiles of Presidential candidates

Are you ready for Hillary?hillary

Apparently she is ready enough for some of us on social media to just have announced that she is running for President on Facebook and Twitter, but she is not ready enough for us on LinkedIn.

No self-branding to the deep-pocketed business community. Period.

She doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile.


Alas, nothing for me to critique.

Ms. Clinton–you need a LinkedIn profile! Spread your brand, message, values to this amazing audience.

Oh, and then you may want to become a member in the various LinkedIn groups purportedly supporting you and supply material to control your message. Two sparse groups constitute your entire LinkedIn presence. They say next to nothing and are not very supportive for your image.

I’d like to send you an email offering my services to create great LinkedIn personal and company profiles for you. Which email address are you using these days?

photo from https://www.readyforhillary.com/splash/hillary



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3 Responses to @HillaryClinton: a series on #LinkedIn profiles of Presidential candidates

  1. Rob Thomas says:

    But I noticed the President does!

    – Rob Thomas 203-641-1714


  2. DianeDiResta says:

    Make that offer to Hillary unless you don’t want to vote for her. She needs to freshen image and not rest on her laurels. Her image is yestetday.

    Sent from my iPhone

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