Make a ruckus on #LinkedIn, but professionally

I saved this posting for today. Thanks to Seth Godin’s blog piece yesterday for notifying me, and please read his comments.

Today is Ruckusmaker’s Day.  That got me thinking…

The upshopinionot?

Tell us what you think and advise us your position. Share material on LinkedIn and express an opinion.

“I agree with this article and here’s why:…”

Or disagree with an article and tell why, as I did the other day and sent it out to a LinkedIn group that needed to read the article, as commentary, even if it is dead wrong, IMHO. It provoked a flurry of comments. That’s good.

Remember this is called social media, so comments on others’ comments are encouraged.

Your accumulated wit and wisdom is worthy of sharing and expressing to the LinkedIn connections you nurture.

Lose the selfless opinion that “no one would care what you I think,” as I hear clients tell me.

In social media, they do care IF (big if) you share quality material and observations. It builds your following as a thought leader and reliable provider of great reading.

They do NOT care where you are eating breakfast, lunch and dinner…pul-eeze. I have a connection who does that despite my admonishment. That does not add anything to the professional dialog and information flow. Only to his waistline and my annoyance.

But when you read an article, or write one, share it via your Home page on LinkedIn, with an insightful comment based on your experience.

Or write an essay that you can add to your long form Posts to express your POV or observations on daily business life. Think feature articles in your local newspaper, if there is one left in your community.

But add something, once a month or more frequently, if you have something valuable to say.

It’s quality over quantity, right? But you must publish or perish.

Raise a professional ruckus.

No one knows you are out there if they can’t read that you are breathing, to adapt the old comedians’ line.


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