Could you introduce me to { } on #LinkedIn? part 2

Repeated from yesterday’s blog post:

The phone rang. The caller ID showed a colleague’s name. Concern over the snow and how I fared. I reciprocated. Must be a reason for this call…

“Could you introduce me to Marianne?”

“Sure. I will do so on LinkedIn.”

“You can do that?”

Yes, there are two ways and here is the second one:

In this more direct method I ask the introducee to send me a blurb I can use to make an introduction.

ILI_getintroduced2 look up the target on LinkedIn and start a message to her (in this case):

I send a warm and friendly message (that’s the relationship) and use the introducee’s words to tell “why I do what I do” to make it interesting to the target to want to connect.

I don’t use this method all the time, just when I want to get the target’s attention a little bit better than the earlier method I showed you yesterday. besides, I haven’t been in touch with the target for a while and I used it as another way to “blip” on her radar screen. I think that’s acceptable.

I will let you know how the connection process goes.


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LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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