Where I Get Inspiration for These #LinkedIn Nuggets

2015I am often asked where I get the material or inspiration to blog daily about LinkedIn.

Well, the answer is: from the people I surround myself with and the questions they ask!

As a fer-instance, yesterday I was at a New Year’s Day party and met a delightful 80-something year-old. She is active, inquisitive, busy and younger than her years. She pulled out her iPhone and told Siri to take a note of the restaurants we recommended.

I want to be that way when I grow up.

Earlier when I told her that I am a LinkedIn coach, she immediately exclaimed, “I’m on LinkedIn too!”

So I scurried home expecting to see her barebones LinkedIn profile.

Guess what? Wrong assumption on my part. 

Her profile is better than most 20- or 30-year olds!

Why? She is not hogtied by a resume that somehow she forces into LinkedIn to express who she is and why she does what she does.

I am pleased to connect to people like her and to expand my network with more richly interesting people!


About connect2collaborate

LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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One Response to Where I Get Inspiration for These #LinkedIn Nuggets

  1. Great story, Marc. It emphasizes why people should not make assumptions about others based on perceived (or actual) age. I don’t believe chronological age is meaningful anymore except for receiving government benefits. So I developed the Authentic Age Assessment, which was covered in an article I wrote in Next Avenue, Forbes and Huffington Post. agehttp://www.nextavenue.org/article/2014-01/show-your-boss-your-authentic-age-work

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