Downward pointing arrows on #LinkedIn-part 11

This week we continue to go over the downward pointing arrows only you see on your profile page.

profilesdownwardarrowThese functions are all too well hidden, IMHO, unless you know where to find them, yet these 6 functions can be used effectively.

Unfortunately the downward-pointing arrow on your profile is completely hidden behind the dropdown table and would normally be seen to the right of the edit button. You’ll see it when you go to your profile. When you click that downward-pointing arrow, you get these choices. Let’s take one at a time this week, day-by-day.

Create profile in another language
Halt! Arretez! Pare! Hold on.

Not quite.

That should say “Create HEADLINE in another language.” Not your entire profile.

Click here to start the process to have a machine-translated version of your LinkedIn headline made in any of 45+ languages.

I wish I had this when I was in large corporate America and travelled all over!

Final installment is coming on 12/26. Have a great holiday.



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