Asking for an introduction on #LinkedIn

buildconnectionsOften my inspiration for these blog posts comes from real life. This week I received 2 separate requests to introduce one person to another via LinkedIn.

Both people had researched and identified the target person as a good connection for networking and eventual business (in the first case) and as the hiring manager for an attractive job (in the second case).

By each person looking at that target’s profile, I was identifiable as the mutual connection and they asked me, and I was pleased to, provide an introduction.

However, both people needed to be shown how to ask for the introduction via LinkedIn. So for educational reasons, I am providing you a link to LinkedIn’s Help Center with the step-by-step instructions to do this.

It’s easy. All you need to know is where LinkedIn hides this (IMHO).

Oh by the way…if you want to learn where a lot of other good stuff is hidden on LinkedIn, get my recorded talk here.


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