In memoriam, this day at 845 am 13 years ago

No words can express the profound effect this day had on all of us, but especially on hundreds of thousands of loved ones and colleagues of those who perished in 3 places in the USA.


On the anniversary of 9/11, we join together to remember their lives and accomplishments.

We sympathize with their families and friends, each in our own way.

Appropriately, tonight 2 beams of light will be visible from as far as 60 miles from Ground Zero.



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4 Responses to In memoriam, this day at 845 am 13 years ago

  1. Zev Asch says:

    Let’s not forget those who survived – the ones who work tirelessly at Ground Zero and are now afflicted with terminal disease. Many volunteered and quite a few have already paid the ultimate price. They need to be remembered and saluted.

  2. zevasch says:

    mark, I noticed some issues on the page with the WP code.

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