Rank yourself vs peers on #Linkedin

The latest miniservice on LinkedIn is to see how you rank on LinkedIn vs your connections. If you click here, you can see that for yourself too.

LI_rankI am 45th in profile views among my connections, i.e., in the top 2% of the same group.

I gained ground this week vs. last.

My answer to these revelations is: so what?

How can the number of views of my profile as a LinkedIn coach compare to that of a saleswoman or a real estate agent? A divorce attorney or financial planner?

I am less interested in how I stack up against my connections; this is not a popularity contest. Some weeks I get more looks than others. Late in August is not a time to be serious about real views of my profile. People prefer to view the beach sunset.

I am connected to 2453 (not 2438 as the inset seems to indicate. I guess I misplaced 15 people…) amazingly diverse business people all over the world. I am still getting inquiries and connecting to fabulous people. I am happy. Could I get more views? Sure, but window shopping is not a sincere interest in perusing and engaging my expertise. But it has to start somewhere.

I am thinking that this analytic information is not interesting or useful. Do you agree?


About connect2collaborate

LinkedIn coach and evangelist, having a great time pursuing my passion of connecting professionals so they can collaborate more!
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