Bearing false witness on #LinkedIn

Yesterday a colleague notified me:

…I am seeing some nasty comments about LinkedIn (on Facebook ironically) due to them “automatically” sending out updates on what people are calling “fake” work anniversaries or job changes….

Comments were as bad as sarcastic “Thanks, LinkedIn, for making me explain to my contacts….

FalseIs anyone seeing false information being posted on LinkedIn/spoof profiles, etc.?

If so, you are obligated to notify LinkedIn. They have some very strict policies on this type of stuff.

In yesterday’s blog posting I spoke glowingly about their new app called Connected. That app’s effectiveness is compromised if there is false data out there and you and I end up congratulating someone on a new job or anniversary that is misleading or false.

By the way, painful as it might be to read, it’s a good idea to review their user agreement, especially section 7.2.

At least they help you scan the sections by summarizing them on the left margin.


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