Admiration for my son (non #LinkedIn topic)

danandsnakeToday my son Dan leaves for 27 months of service in the Peace Corps in rural Panama.

The Peace Corps gains an engineer, and we temporarily lose our snake charmer. He joins 215,000 Americans who have served the Peace Corps in 139 countries since its inception in 1961.

Wishing Dan another life-changing experience and countless adventures as he assists Panama with environmental issues. What an amazing way to further refine his engineering skills in real-life, making a difference. Oh by the way he is on LinkedIn at

Makes his blogger Dad proud.




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One Response to Admiration for my son (non #LinkedIn topic)

  1. Norma Fogelberg says:

    Congratulations to you and your wife Marc, for creating an opening for Dan to give back. Keep us informed!

    Norma | Linked In mobile: 415-722-3274

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